The Best Cbd Vape Oil For 2022

JustCBD vape oils are the best in the hemp space since they are made from pure US hemp with only a little THC. This article helps you know what makes JustCBD vape oil the best, what we like and don\’t like about it, and CBD vape oil-related topics.

If you are here to know the best CBD vape oil in the hemp space, you are in the right place. JustCBD is the best CBD brand in the hemp space, and its weed pen will not disappoint you. They feature 1000 mg CBD in the 60 ml bottle, revealing a great potency. Besides, they feature many flavors, including mango ice and blue razz. The CBD vape oils are easy to use; all you have to do is to buy a vape pen or cart and inhale it. Many like CBD vape oils since they result in fast CBD effects, so you need not wait on them for long, like CBD capsules or edibles. JustCBD vape oils, like other CBD products on the brand\’s website, are tested by 3rd parties, and the results are posted online for easy viewing. Here is all you need to know about JustCBD vape oil, the best in the CBD space.

JustCBD Vape Oil

JustCBD oil is one of the best brands in the market and whose CBD products will not let you down. The brand has been proudly supplying the best CBD products since 2017. Its CBD vape oils are 1000 mg CBD concentrated and feature 60 ml volumes, revealing a 16.66 mg/ml CBD potency, ideal enough to achieve the desired CBD effects and keep them for the desired period. They feature 8 different flavors you can enjoy, including Blue Dream, Blue Razz, Mango Ice, Cookies, OG, and Pineapple Express. With such great fruity flavors, rest assured of getting the most from the CBD vape oils while enjoying them as well. The brand\’s vape oils are tested by 3rd parties, and the results are posted online, so you can easily view them. Besides, JustCBD vape oils come with a 30-day money-back guarantee, allowing you to ship them back if they do not meet your expectations and claim refunds. Any CBD vape oil you want to choose from the 8 flavors is tested by 3rd parties, and the results are posted online so that you can view them and confirm the quality before any orders.

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What We Like about CBD Vape Oil

Like many others, you may wonder what makes JustCBD vape oils the best in the market among the many in the CBD space. It is obvious; the brand does everything to earn your trust. Its 24/7 customer care support is exemplary since it attends to your needs as soon as possible. The CBD vape oils offered by JustCBD are simple in composition; they are made up of 100% pure, organic, non-GMO US hemp, 80% vegetable glycerin, and 20% propylene glycol. This is ideal, especially because more is less in the CBD world, and the fewer ingredients in the CBD vape oils, the better. We also love it that JustCBD vape oils are easy to use, based on the simple instructions on the brand\’s website. The site states that the CBD vape oils are inhaled and should not be ingested at all costs. It also adds that as long as you have the right e-device, say a vape cart pen, you are good to explore CBD benefits using its vape oils. Why else would you not buy JustCBD vape oils today, tomorrow, next year, and forever? You will receive true value for your cash, enjoy the CBD you bought with your hard-earned cash, and our professional shipping will make you stick to our products.

What We Don’t Like about CBD Vape Oil

Why would you not shop from JustCBD as your choice CBD vape oil brand? The only problem is that the brand only offers one potency for CBD vape oils. All 8 flavors feature 1000 mg CBD Gummies in 60 ml bottles. Perhaps JustCBD could work on expanding its inventory to feature more CBD vape oils and have varying potencies. This is especially important for users with varying CBD needs who must have something that matches them. For instance, CBD novices might be ok taking less potent CBD vape oils, while vets might need more potent CBD. Thus, JustCBD will do well to expand its CBD vape inventory. Nonetheless, it is our best pick since it ticks all the boxes as far as quality is key.

Know CBD

Are you a CBD vape oil fan? You need to know what CBD is as the parent compound in CBD vape oil. More and more people are embracing CBD, all the more why people need to have the right information about what it is. Bauer et al. (2020) defined CBD as a non-psychoactive chemical compound in cannabis and one of the many compounds in these plants. Such active compounds are called cannabinoids, and CBD is one of them. It stands out for its non-psychoactive nature, as Kicman & Toczek (2020) noted. Why else do many relate to CBD? According to Watt & Karl (2017), CBD is therapeutic, and many are after this therapy. Thus, CBD has become the talk of the town, and in the streets and online, we cannot have enough of it.

CBD Formulations

Besides knowing CBD as the primary compound in CBD vape oils, you also need to know CBD formulations or categories. They are the available CBD classes, depending on composition. Before trying any CBD vape oil or product, you must know CBD formulations and how they vary since every CBD item you choose belongs to one of the three CBD formulations. Here are the three CBD formulations and what they mean;

  1. Full-spectrum CBD; is a type of CBD featuring extra cannabis compounds. It has terpenes, flavonoids, a little THC, and a whole range of extra cannabinoids, including CBN, CBT, CBC, and CBG. According to VanDolah et al. (2019), the many compounds give full-spectrum CBD a full entourage or synergistic effect.
  2. Broad-spectrum CBD; s the sibling to full-spectrum CBD, except that it does not have THC. Like full-spectrum CBD, it allows you to benefit from additional cannabis compounds like terpenes and flavonoids but does not have THC.
  3. Isolate CBD; unlike the other two CBD formulations with many cannabis compounds, isolate CBD features pure CBD as the only cannabis compound. It does not have terpenes or flavonoids, nor does it feature the psychoactive THC or other cannabinoids.

What Is CBD Vape Oil?

Since this article majored in CBD vape oil, you want to know what it is. Simply put, it is an inhalable CBD product that one can use with the right e-device, such as a vape cart or pen. CBD vape oil is called an oil, but it is not literally an oil. Most brands use propylene glycol (PG) and vegetable glycerin (VG) to make CBD vape oil, but more research is needed to prove that they are safe in CBD vape oil. Most CBD vape oils feature full-spectrum CBD to allow you to benefit from extra cannabis compounds, but you can always choose what to go for. Cannabidiol are the best products if you need fast results and quick effects. How, though, do you use CBD vape oil?

How to Use CBD Vape Oil

Like any other product, how much you will benefit from CBD vape oil depends on how well you use it. How, though, does one use CBD vape oil? First, you must know that vape oils are easy to use, like any other CBD product. Besides, if you have been vaping cigarettes or other substances, you will find CBD vaping a walk in the park, and you will certainly enjoy it. However, even if you have not vaped before, rest assured that vaping is a simple process that should not leave you wondering much about what you need. For the most part, you must have the right vaping tool, say vaping pen or cart. With a vaping tool full of CBD vape oil, you only need to put the mouthpiece on your mouth and inhale the vapor. As you exhale out, you will feel the sweet flavor (OG, Pineapple Express, Granddaddy Purple, etc.), depending on what you chose. Thankfully, the JustCBD inventory offers CBD vape oils, and you can also buy CBD vape carts and pens from it. Thus, you can buy everything you need from JustCBD and set out to vape.

Can You Ingest CBD Vape Oils?

Can you ingest CBD vape oil like you do CBD oils? No, CBD vape oils are inhalable products, so if you are to get anything from them, you must inhale them. Remember, CBD vape oils are not actual oils like normal CBD oils whose drops you administer orally, sublingually, or add to meals and drinks. Besides, they do not have the same ingredients as regular CBD oils, so you cannot ingest them. The best you can do to reap CBD benefits in CBD vape oils is to shop vaping products like CBD vape pens or carts from JustCBD and enjoy vaping the brand\’s fruity-flavored CBD vape oils.

How to Choose the Best CBD Vape Oil

You need to know how to find the best CBD vape oil. There are many CBD brands in the hemp space claiming to offer the best CBD. How do you know which vape oil is genuine? You need to know what properties to pay attention to in your search for CBD oil. In choosing JustCBD vape oils as the best, we focused on the following properties, which you also want to pay attention to as you find the best CBD;

  1. Source of CBD; CBD can come from hemp, marijuana, and other cannabis plants. However, since hemp is no longer a Controlled Substance, we focused on JustCBD since it uses hemp-derived CBD to make its CBD vape oils.
  2. Hemp growing practices; besides choosing hemp as the main source of CBD, we also focus on hemp-growing practices. Work with brands that employ organic farming practices to ensure the vape oils do not have inorganic contaminants.
  3. Extraction method; how CBD is stripped from the hemp surfaces is key, in determining whether the vape oils will or will not have contaminants. We focus on CBD brands using CO2 extraction to strip CBD from hemp since it ensures no standard contaminants remain attached to the vape oils.
  4. Ingredient list; you also want to check the CBD vape oils\’ ingredient lists to ensure they use all-natural organic products in their cycle. We also love JustCBD vape oils since they are simple and feature about 4 ingredients, which is impressive since, in the CBD space, less is more, and the fewer the ingredients, the better.
  5. 3rd party testing; many brands claim to offer the best CBD products, and the only way to prove the quality of your CBD vape oil is to review the 3rd party test results and compare the information to what the labels bear. Thus, you want to ensure you only shop with brands testing their CBD vape oils for quality and uploading the results online, which JustCBD does well.
  6. Contaminant purity; the 3rd party test results reveal a lot of information, and one thing you want to prove is that the CBD vape oil you have bought does not have solvents, organic matter, or other standard contaminants.
  7. THC content; many like full-spectrum CBD oil since it allows you to feel the effects of THC. However, as you shop for CBD vape oils, ensure the THC levels do not exceed 0.3% per dry weight to avoid violating cannabis laws.
  8. Relevant certifications; if you can shop your CBD vape oils from brands that are FDA-registered or certified by US Hemp Authority or other relevant bodies, the better.

CBD Vape Oil Pros

Many CBD fans after CBD vape oils, and like many others, you may want to know their pros. Why do many people like vaping CBD oils? The primary benefit of CBD vape oils over other CBD delivery methods is that they allow instant delivery and fast effects. Thus, if you are after CBD with the fastest results, the best you can do is vape CBD vape oils. Second, many relate to CBD vape oils since they let you enjoy a whole different CBD experience. I mean, nothing compares to vaping CBD oil- only those who have vaped can tell it. You may also choose CBD vape oils as your ideal CBD delivery method if you enjoy flavors and variety. As revealed earlier, JustCBD vape oils feature about 8 fruity flavors, allowing you to feel CBD effects in the best way possible. Yet, unlike CBD oils, whose dosage you need to literally measure with droppers, you only inhale CBD vape oils; you don\’t need a dropper. Thus, CBD vape oils are less clumsy, and you rarely can mess up dosages. As if this is not enough, you will be thrilled to know that since vaping is common, you can vape CBD oils anywhere, provided the oils meet the state\’s cannabis laws.

CBD Vape Oil Cons

Despite the many pros, you may wonder if CBD vape oils have any cons or if they are the all-perfect CBD product. Admittedly, like a coin with two sides, a tail, and a head, CBD vape oils have their fair share of cons. The main concern with CBD vape oils is that their safety is a questionable subject. Although people have embraced CBD vaping, studies are ongoing to gauge whether the process is safe for the lungs or otherwise. The other thing about CBD vape oil is that, like other CBD products, CBD vape oils are expensive. CBD vaping is even more expensive because you must buy CBD carts and pens with which to use the vape oils. However, if you buy pre-filled CBD vape pens, you need not buy CBD vape oils separately, and the initial cost might be reduced, although the overall cost is still high.

Where to Buy CBD Vape Oil

Are you contemplating joining the CBD world and would love to try CBD vape oils? You need to know where to shop for them. Thankfully, CBD has grown in the hype, and you can find its products like vape oils online and in-store, and you must choose where to shop for yours. Many like online shopping for CBD vape oils and other products since it allows them to review 3rd party test results, read enough about a brand, and have many options. Meanwhile, shopping CBD in-store may seem cheap since you need not pay delivery fees, but you will not access 3rd party test results or a brand’s information, and you may land low-quality CBD vape oils.


CBD vape oils are inhalable CBD products. They are among the many ways to explore CBD benefits and take CBD vape pens and carts for one use them. This article shows that JustCBD vape oils are the best in the market since they are made with US pure hemp, processed in GMP-certified labs, and tested for quality. Besides, they feature 8 different fruity flavors, allowing you to enjoy CBD in the way you love it. JustCBD vape oils feature 1000 mg in the 60 ml bottle and are potent. Peer into this article to know why JustCBD vape oils are the best and learn all you need about CBD.


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