10 Best Cbd Skincare Products For 2022

CBD has become part of the mainstream and now features in skin care products like lotions, butter, bath bombs, and creams. This article helps you know the top ten CBD skin care products in 2022.

CBD is a non-psychoactive chemical compound in cannabis and one of the many called cannabinoids. Many relate to it because of its non-psychoactive nature, and you can easily trace it in butter, oils, lotions, creams, bath bombs, and other skin care products. However, because many brands in the hemp space deal in CBD products, and each claims to offer the best products, choosing the best can be challenging, and this is where this article comes in handy. It helps you know the top 10 skincare products you want to try in 2022 and beyond. It also shares tips on identifying the best vape pen so that should you decide to shop elsewhere than the listed brands, you can know what to focus on and buy products that meet your needs. Let\’s start with the top 10 CBD skin care products you want to try in 2022.

JustCBD Skin Care Products

The JustCBD skin care products are among the best you should focus on in 2022 since they will not let you down but offer true value for what you spend on them. The brand offers creams (airless pump cream, 100 mg, heat roll-on cream, 350 mg, and regular pain relief cream, 1000 mg), bath bombs (lavender, rose, eucalyptus, peppermint, and other flavors in 150 mg CBD concentrations) and gels/ roll-on gels in 1000 or 1500 mg CBD concentrations. All these skin care products are made from US pure, organic, non-GMO hemp, processed in a GMO-certified lab, and tested by 3rd parties, and the results are readily available online for easy viewing. JustCBD boasts wonderful customer care service and professional shipping that make it worthwhile to shop for skin care products here.

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Royal & Pure CBD Salves

According to the Royal and Pure website, there is always a healthy way, which is the CBD route. Its full-spectrum CBD Oil Gummies is one of the best skin care products in the CBD world that you would love to apply. Being full-spectrum CBD formulated, it allows you to benefit from the extra cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids it has. The salve is 750 mg CBD concentrated, potent enough to produce desired CBD effects. Besides, the website mentions that the salve helps with psoriasis, eczema, paining joints, and inflammation.

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Pure Hemp Botanicals CBD Skin Care Products

Pure Hemp Botanicals was launched in 2015 and boasts about 7 years in the CBD world, so that you can trust the quality of its CBD products. According to the brand, its goal is to spread compassion in action and offers some of the best CBD products to be in tandem with its mantra. Its flagship skin care products include the 400 mg body lotion, 500 mg warming balm, and 500 mg cooling gel. All these are made from US pure, organic hemp and tested by the 3rd parties, and the results are easily accessible on the brand’s website.

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We The Hemp Pain Relief Creams

Creams are among the many CBD skin care products you want to apply. Besides helping you manage pain, they may help rejuvenate your skin condition. We The Hemp boasts of offering quality skin care products you can employ to boost your cognitive health, manage joint pain, relieve yourself of anxiety, and attain relaxation. Its flagship CBD skin care products are the 250 mg and 500 mg pain relief creams. They are easy to use, and the labels feature the simple instructions you need to follow to get the most from them. They are all organic and prepared from US hemp grown under the best practices. Besides, they are all tested by 3rd parties for quality, and you can check the site for test results.

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FABCBD Skin Care Products

FABCBD is one of the best brands for quality skin care products. The brand boasts secure checkout, wonderful customer care support, and free shipping for all orders worth and above $99. Its best CBD skin care products are skin creams sold at $49.99. They are 600 mg CBD concentrated and have coconut oil, aloe vera, and cocoa butter shea as part of the long all-natural ingredient list. We love the brand since it uses US hemp from Colorado for CBD creams and employs clean CO2 extraction to strip CBD from hemp surfaces, so you can rest assured of the quality of the CBD skin care products you are buying.

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Beusail CBD Skin Care Products

No other brand beats Beusail when it comes to the long list of CBD skin care products. It offers hydrating creams, anti-aging creams, under-eye serums, lotions, face oil, eye moisturizers, and dermal products, among many others. Besides, its goal is to promote female-owned CBD companies that give back, so it sells products from Fork & Lemon, BIOS, PAAVANI Ayurveda, Meta Pora, Laguna Herbals, and many other brands. The CBD concentration in the CBD Oil UK on the brand\’s website varies depending on your choice and features a wide range, considering the varying CBD experience the users have. All the items on the site are free of plastic, cruelty, gluten, and toxins, revealing their great quality. Beusail has been featured in Women’s Health, InStyle, Beau Independent, Lala Land, New Ideas, and other popular outlets.

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Evolution CBD Skin Care Products

Evolution CBD takes pride in offering water-soluble skin care products, so you can rest assured that its bath bombs and other items are effective and worth your hard-earned cash. Its flagship skin care products include the face replenishing cream, hydrating body cream, and topical cream in 500 mg CBD concentrations. You may also love its bath bomb, featuring 30 mg CBD concentration in Tea Tree, Oatmeal, and Lilac flavors. The brand has a 45-day money-back guarantee so that in case of dissatisfaction, you can ship back the skin care products and seek a refund.

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Press Pause Projects CBD Bath Salts

Press Pause Project was launched in 2011 to help women become bold and achieve their goals. It deals in high-quality CBD products made with pure organic hemp. We love its CBD bath salts which you can soak in for up to 20 minutes for improved hormonal, sexual, physical, and mental wellness. The salts feature 100 g of CBD isolate and have many essential oils to add to their benefits. The soak indulgent CBD bath salt features instructions for use on its official page, and you can read them to know how to best use the salt.

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Palm Organix CBD Skin Care Products

If you are here for the best CBD skin care products, you should certainly try Palm Organix products and will not feel let down. The brand offers 500 mg CBD concentrated lotion, CBD salve, CBD lotion + camphor, and a cooling gel. The first three feature full-spectrum CBD, while the last one is broad-spectrum CBD formulated so that you can get more than CBD from them, with and without THC. The brand offers free shipping, and a 40% discount applies if you buy CBD products in kits.

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Glee CBD Moisturizing Lotion

According to its website, Glee CBD features a goal to people’s overall health and wellness naturally with plants and pills. In line with this, it uses organic hemp to make its CBD products and employs nothing but all-natural ingredients. Its best skin care product is the 500 mg (2 oz) or 1000 mg (4 oz) moisturizing lotion. It features many all-natural ingredients, including vitamin E, apricot, aloe vera, and kernel oils. The brand also offers heat roll-on and 1,500 mg CBD salves, all good for the skin. All its products are BPA and paraben-free, vegan, 3rd party tested, and made with US hemp in an FDA-compliant lab.

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CBD Basics

As many people embrace CBD in skin care products, it is more than important for people to have the right information about CBD as the parent compound. What is CBD, and why does it appeal to many? According to Kicman & Toczek (2020), CBD is a non-psychoactive chemical compound in cannabis but is majorly extracted from hemp plants. Such active chemical compounds in cannabis, to which CBD belongs, are called cannabinoids. There are more than 100 cannabinoids in nature, and CBD stands out for being non-psychoactive, so it does not make you high like THC, another cannabinoid. Studies like Watt & Karl (2017) say more about CBD, adding that it has therapeutic value. Although there is insufficient evidence to prove that there is therapy in CBD, people go for it nonetheless. Did you know that CBD now features in skin care products?

CBD in Skincare Products

There are many skincare products, including emollients like lotions and butter, creams, massage oils, beard oils, serums, moisturizers, and sunscreen. As the hype around CBD keeps growing, it becomes part of the mainstream. The section above has focused on the top 10 CBD skin care products you may want to try in 2022. From creams to bath bombs, CBD is now becoming part and parcel. People like CBD in skin care products since it allows them to feel the benefits of the cannabinoid without letting CBD into the bloodstream. Isn\’t this good, especially for people who take drug tests occasionally and would not love to have CBD in their blood? Yet, the only way to get the most from CBD skin care products is to know how best to use them, and the next section shares how.

How to Use CBD Skin Care Products

Spending much on CBD skin care products and not knowing how to use them is as good as wasting money; you will not benefit from them as you wish. Thankfully, you may be happy to know that CBD skin care products are not difficult to use. In fact, if you have been using other skin care products, you will have an easy time using CBD-infused versions. However, even if you have not tried the skin products herein shared, most of them feature instructions for use on the labels, so it should not be so hard of a task to use them. Basically, though, all you have to do with CBD lotion, butter, or oil is to put just enough on the palm and apply it to the target areas. As for the bath bombs, you only need to fill a bathtub with warm water to the right level, dip the bath bomb and allow about 6 minutes to elapse as it dissolves, and climb the bathtub into the water, soaking yourself for 15- 20 minutes. Isn\’t it easy to use CBD skin care products? The keener you are on instructions on the labels, the more you will get things right.

How to Choose the Best CBD Skin Care Products

This article has shared a list of the best CBD skin care products, and you likely wonder how to find the best among the masses. Admittedly, the best CBD skin care products are only available in theory. A brand may perfect one area but go slow on another, compromising the quality of CBD products. Yet, knowing what to focus on as you search for the best skin care products makes your search easy and helps you not land products that will not meet your needs. Here are some factors you want to pay attention to as you choose the best CBD skin care products;

  1. Extraction method; focus on clean extraction methods that do not leave contaminants in the skin care products. Most listed products employ the clean CO2 extraction method to strip CBD from hemp space.
  2. Source of CBD; while CBD can come from many other cannabis plants than hemp, the Farm Bill only recognized hemp as the legal CBD source, as long as it has less than 0.3% THC per dry weight.
  3. THC content; buy CBD skin care products with less than 0.3% THC per dry weight to avoid violating cannabis laws. Buying products with more than the accepted THC levels in states with strict THC laws will land you on the wrong side of the authorities.
  4. 3rd party testing; with the many CBD companies in the hemp space and each claiming to offer the best CBD, the only way to prove the quality of your CBD products is to look up the 3rd party test results.
  5. Cannabinoid content; many like full-spectrum CBD skin care products since they have more than CBD- you will reap THC, terpenes, flavonoids, and many other cannabinoids from them, allowing you to maximize CBD benefits.
  6. Contaminant purity; look up the 3rd party test results and ensure the CBD skin care product at hand does not have solvents, heavy metals, and other standard contaminants.
  7. Farming practices; how the hemp used in making CBD was grown matters. The hemp should grow under pure organic practices to ensure the final products are of the right quality and have no contaminants.

CBD Skin Care Product Pros

You must know the pros and cons of every skin care product as you venture into them. Apart from having a clear picture of what you are going for, knowing the pros and cons of CBD skin care products lets you know if it is worth spending on them. Many like CBD skin care products since they allow them to benefit from CBD without letting the cannabinoid into the bloodstream. Besides, it is only through skin care products that you can benefit from the psychoactive THC without getting high or fearing failing drug tests. Moreover, CBD has no history of causing irritation, so you can get the most from the skincare items without any irritation. Yet, CBD skin care products have a fair share of cons, as the next section shows.

CBD Skin Care Product Cons

Knowing the cons of CBD skin care products and weighing them against the pros helps you rationally decide if you will buy them or not. For the most part, the con of CBD in skin care products is effectiveness. Studies are ongoing to determine whether CBD topicals are really effective, ad much is yet to come out. For instance, the concept behind CBD in bath bombs leaves a lot to be desired. The bath bomb dissolves, letting emollients, essential oils, and CBD in water, but whether these components really get to the body is questionable. Although CBD does not have a history of causing irritation and allergic reactions, some people have complained of feeling irritated while using CBD skin care products. More studies are needed to prove whether such reactions originate from CBD or the additional compounds in skin care products.


CBD is now part of the mainstream, and many benefit from it in skin care products like lotions, butter, and bath bombs. These are great ways to explore CBD benefits, especially if you don\’t want the cannabinoid in your system. Yet, more research is needed to prove that CBD can be effective if it does not get into the bloodstream. This article focuses on the best 10 CBD skin care products you want to try in 2022 and what makes them the best. It also touches on our criteria for finding the best CBD skin care products so that should you decide to shop elsewhere, you know what to focus on and get products that meet your needs.


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